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Kia Spectra 2004.5 thru 2007 – Colt Cams

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Kia Spectra 2004.5 thru 2007 – Colt Cams


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Product Description

These camshafts are a revolutionary new grind from Colt. These are regrinds on your stock cams, turn around time is about 2 weeks. The new Tri-Flow Grind Technology gives over 10 WHP and 10 TQ increase from idle to 6500 RPM. Great for normal everyday driving and autocross racing. Awesome low end and midrange power. The primary lobe on the intake is 268 with 340 lift. the secondary lobe on the intake is 264 with 335 lift. the exhaust is straight up 264 with 335 lift. The Tri-flow design changes the intake side by staggering the opening times of the two intake lobes, and this causes a change in the system. The principle behind this design is to open the intake valves progressively. By opening the one valve directly across from the spark plug first, this allows the fuel to travel across the chamber at a greater velocity. After the first valve opens, the “secondary” valve opens and then quickly catches up to the first valve so that they both open fully at peak duration and lift to simulate the flow of a race cam. The engine has better vacuum at idle since there is less overlap, throttle response is greatly increased, and turbos’ have noticed less lag and faster spool up time.

These are regrinds based on your stock cams, I can find you a set to regrind, but the price will equal market pricing on those.

5.00 out of 5

1 review for Kia Spectra 2004.5 thru 2007 – Colt Cams

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I love my cams. They work as advertised. Very noticeable power burst from 700rpm to 4,000 rpm. I recommend this mod instead of turbo or super charger.

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